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It is free to play games on this site, but voluntary donations to help cover the costs are more than welcome.
Click here for more information on donations.

Fill in the form below to sign up for a game.

Fair play clause: By submitting a request to join a game, you acknowledge that you know how to play the game and that you have read and agree to abide by the relevant rules concerning the playing of the game via this web site - see the basic Rules of Engagement and check out rules for individual games on the relevant pages.

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Filling in this form expresses an interest in playing one or more games. There is no commitment at this stage.
Your name: {full name please - no aliases or nicknames}
Your e-mail: If you are new to this, you must give me your e-mail address
Your country: This will appear on your player's page and is just for information
The games: 18xx 1800, 1825, 1830, 1850, 1856, 1860, 1870
Acquire Standard game or with Special Powers
Carcassonne Standard game, or with The River or Inns & Cathedrals
The Castles of Burgundy Lots of different options here, as you can see on the CoB Options page. The standard game will be random allocation from any of the boards, with no extra tiles or special rules. You get to choose which side of your board to play on.
Durch die Wüste  
Euphrat & Tigris Standard game, or with the Artist expansion - all games use the English Variant
Princes of Florence  
Puerto Rico  
Railroad Dice Standard game (40 dice), or an extended game with 60 Railroad Dice
Saint Petersburg Standard game, or with the Banquet expansion
Sopwith Standard game, or No Aces
Torres Standard game, or with the Action Card variant or Master version
What you want to play:
If no variant is mentioned, a standard game will be assumed - but note that there is no standard game for 18xx
For new players:
How did you find
the web site:

This is just to satisfy my interest
Tell me something
about yourself:

This will appear on the player's page I will set up for you
Public e-mail: If checked, you're happy to have your e-mail address on the player's page I will set up for you
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preferred password:

This will be used if you need to look up private game info online
I do not recommend that you use a password you already have for other things...

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