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1830 Chattanooga Promo
Designer Uncredited
Publishers Lookout Games
Mayfair Games
Published 2011
Setting North Eastern USA
Players 2 to 6

The Chattanooga promo is a card with two hexes intended for the wouth west corner of the map.

It was in honour of Mark Derrick's Chattanooga Railgaming Challenge, held every year in Chattanooga.

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Components Qty Notes
Map card 1 -

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Game Map Clear Hexes 1 Town

2 Towns

Cities 'OO' Off-Board Areas Fixed Rivers Mountains
Total: 2 1 - - - - 1 - - -
The total count of individual items will usually exceed the total number of hexes shown. This will be due to hexes that contain multiple items, such as towns and cities in off-board areas and fixed locations.
Clear Where tiles with plain track may be laid. May include hexes with pre-printed track.
1 Town Where tiles with a single town (no station token space) may be laid.
2 Towns Where tiles with two towns (no station token spaces) may be laid.
Cities Where tiles with station token spaces may be laid, or where stations printed on the board may be upgraded. Does not include 'OO' hexes.
'OO' Yellow hexes where green tiles designated as 'OO' tiles with two separate station token spaces may be laid.
Off-Board Static, where trains may run to off-board areas, typically with values that vary according to the phase of the game.
Usually includes fixed locations that have variable income.
No tile lays allowed.
An off-board area may consist of more than one hex - each area is usually counted only once for each train.
Fixed Static, usually with track or fixed value stations printed on the map.
No tile lays allowed.
Rivers and
Hexes that contain these features with a cost to place or upgrade tiles. Other features appear occasionally (Desert, Forest, Swamp).

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