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1829 Mainline Stock Market

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1829 Mainline Stock Market

This is a linear stock market. Spaces 126 and 142 are adjacent. It is shown in two rows for convenience.

The original stock market is actually a square grid with four rows. Tokens never move up or down between one row and another.

There are no coloured spaces on the original stock market.

The true colours of the original stock market are pale blue throughout.

Colour Key: White - value 100 Normal stock market space
Pink - value 460 Game ends if a public company reaches this value
Black - value 0 Companies that enter this space are closed
Company Key: White - value 100 Starting space for the LNWR
White - value 90 Starting space for the GWR
White - value 82 Starting space for the Midland and NER
White - value 76 Starting space for the Caledonian and NBR
White - value 71 Starting space for the GCR, GNR and L&YR

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