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This page provides a summary of the boards available in The Castles of Burgundy.

If you play in a game where you have free choice of which board to play, this is where you can make your selection. Bear in mind that not all of these boards may be available to you, as your game may be limited to Base Game Boards, Spielbox Boards, and so on.

I have given the boards names. You may not agree with what I have chosen, but you can advise me of your choice by number or by name.

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Base Game Boards

Board 1 - Starter Board 2 - Big City Board 3 - Ring of Knowledge
Board 1 Board 2 Board 3
Backed by boards 2, 3, 4 or 5
Big City
Backed by board 1
Ring of Knowledge
Backed by board 1
Board 4 - Twin Cities Board 5 - Central Castles Board 6 - Big River
Board 4 Board 5 Board 6
Twin Cities
Backed by board 1
One, Two, Three
Backed by board 1
Big River
Backed by board 7
Board 7 - Central City Board 8 - Outer Cities Board 9 - Two Cities
Board 7 Board 8 Board 9
Central City
Backed by board 6
Outer Cities
Backed by board 9
Two Cities
Backed by board 8

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Spielbox Boards

Board 10a - Strip Cities Board 10b - Variety Board 10c - Knowledge Park Board 10d - Areas of Four
Board 10a Board 10b Board 10c Board 10d
Strip Cities
Backed by board 10e
Backed by board 10f
Knowledge Park
Backed by board 10g
Areas of Four
Backed by board 10h
Board 10e - Large Cities Board 10f - Three Lakes Board 10g - Big Pasture Board 10h - Big Areas
Board 10e Board 10f Board 10g Board 10h
Large Cities
Backed by board 10a
Three Lakes
Backed by board 10b
Big Pasture
Backed by board 10c
Big Areas
Backed by board 10d

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German Board Game Championship Boards

The 2013 German Board Game Championship board was not given a number. I have used 11 for this. These boards were single-sided, but if you play in a game where you get to choose which side of the board to play and one of these is picked, you will be offered the other Championship Board as your alternative.

Board 11 - 2013 Championship Board 14 - 2016 Championship
Board 11 Board 14
2013 Championship
Backed by board 14
2016 Championship
Backed by board 11

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Monastery Boards

Board 13a - Triangle Board 13b - Sixes Board 13c - Castle Row Board 13d - Mirror
Board 13a Board 13b Board 13c Board 13d
Backed by board 13e
Backed by board 13f
Castle Row
Backed by board 13g
Backed by board 13h
Board 13e - Big City 2 Board 13f - Two Cities Board 13g - Manx Board 13h - Arrow
Board 13e Board 13f Board 13g Board 13h
Big City 2
Backed by board 13a
Two Cities
Backed by board 13b
Backed by board 13c
Backed by board 13d

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