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Welcome to For Whom The Web Rocks. If you're wondering just what this is, and how it works, you're in the right place. Although this is a snapshot into history, as the games are currently closed and no new games are planned.

This part of the web site is where you can play a selection of board games. To be more precise, this is where you view the games. The games are played by e-mail and the results of the moves posted here, so that all the players, or anyone else, can see how the game is progressing. The life of a typical game goes something like this:

Because players can't always respond immediately, not to mention the fact that I need to eat, work and sleep, a player's turns can be several days apart. Some people join a number of games to give them more to do, while others are happy to play a single game at a time. Then there are holidays, during which games can be put on hold so that the player doesn't miss out while they are away. When I go on holiday, the whole thing stops until I get back.

Most games take up to three months to play through, although some take quite a bit longer. If that seems excessive, it's worth bearing in mind that the site developed from a games magazine I run, where games are played by post. Few games in the magazine will finish in under a year, so to complete a game in three months is relatively speedy.

If you win, you get...the kudos. There are no prizes on the site, it's all about competing and playing the games.

You will need to know how to play the games in order to take part, although a number of them also have the rules on the site. Because of the time it takes to complete a game, you'll also need to provide some commitment. There are no game fees for these games, although donations are always welcome.

Different games get added to the list from time to time, although not at a cracking pace. There is a limit to how many games I can run at any one time, so adding another game means fewer of each type being run at any one time.

If this looks like your sort of place, then take a look at the games on offer and sign up for your favourite.

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