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TringCon XVIII
April 4th 2009

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TringCon XVIII - April 2009

Our second April outing for TringCon was another great day, with 56 people in attendance plus another couple of casual visitors. Valerie did her usual sterling work with the catering, which was very much appreciated.

An additional feature for this event was the raffle, which came about because I had a spare bottle of Agri-Cola, and decided to raffle it off. To make the raffle more interesting a number of other games were added to the table, with 15 prizes in all. I had expected someone to pick the Agri-Cola early, but it ended up being the last prize to go!

The Iain Rennie Hospice at Home donation for the day was 160.

The following games were played, some more than once.

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Photo Gallery

TringCon April 2009 - Snow Tails

TringCon April 2009 - Pandemic

TringCon April 2009 - Le Havre

TringCon April 2009 - Saint Petersburg

TringCon April 2009 - Pandemic

TringCon April 2009 - Sequence

TringCon April 2009 - Dominion

TringCon April 2009 - 18EA

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