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TringCon is a one-day meeting of board gamers that takes place in Tring, which is about 30 miles north west of London in the UK. The event was run from 1993 to 2006 by Alan Parr with assistance from his wife Jill - and very well run, too. 2006 was going to be the last event as Alan had hung up his Hopscotch pen and ink, and thought that it was time TringCon retired as well. I spoke to Alan and offered to keep the event alive, and he was happy to let me take over. My wife Valerie has taken Jill's place as caterer.

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TringCon XXXV - September 2017

TringCon comes in two bites each year. Our next event will be on the last Saturday in September 2017. The hall has been booked for this date, so all you need to do is to put it in your diary and be there - but please note that TringCon is an advance booking event. We have reached the capacity of the hall, and furthermore the catering is matched to the attendance, so casual drop-ins can create problems with space and food. You are advised to bring anything you'd like to play. I suggest you put a slip of paper with your name in each game you bring.

The Food

Your entry fee gets you a buffet-style tea. The picture on the right shows you what you are likely to get - but it isn't the whole spread, as the tables continue round to the left at the top of the pictures.

We would like to be able to cater for special dietary needs, but once it gets beyond vegetarian we are not likely to know as much about what you need as you do, so if you have a need in this area, you are advised to bring it with you. This was always more relevant to the lunch menu than the afternoon tea, but may still be relevant to you.

Tea and coffee are freely on tap, with some soft drinks also available, as well as the infamous supply of biscuits.


There is no specific format to the day about what gets played when and what, indeed, gets played. That is entirely up to you.

Please note that you must book in advance for TringCon
If you promote the event, please make sure you tell people this
Date Saturday September 30th 2017 Where Marsworth Village Hall

Maps for the venue

Time 9am to 9pm
Cost 15 for each day
5 for under sixteens

You are welcome to book as early as you like. Actually, the earlier the better, as the popularity is starting to push the limits of the available space. When you book I will add your name to the list of attendees.

The capacity for each event is around 76, which is determined by the size of the hall

September 30th 2017 (69)

Fran Allen
Alex Anastasiou
Claire Baker
Keef Baker
Gary Barnett
Roger Bell_West
Howard Bishop
Ian Brown
Martin Butcher
Fiona Campbell
Steve Campbell
Kelvin Chong
Richard Clyne
Michael Cule
Chris Dawe
Kathrin Doelle
Martin Draper
Peter Duckworth
Laurence Everitt
Jim Field
Chris Forster
Chris Hardway
Sam Hardway
Paul Harris
John Hehnen
Keziah Herbert
Malcolm Howell
Natalie Howells
Adam Huby
Mike Hutton
Tony Hyland
Steve Jones
Gary Kendall
Jonathan Kipps-Bolton
David Layton
Kevin Lee
Simon Lewis
John Mitchell
Christian Morgan
Eric Norton
Helen Payne
Michel Prudon
Keith Rapley
Wayne Raubenheimer
Will Rice
Damon Rollinson
Heidi Rollinson
Alan Rose
Jeff Ruddle
Don Shailer
James Sinden
John Spicer
Allan Stagg
Michael Street
Jim Stromfield
Jim Sutherland
Dave Thornton
Adam Thoume
Adam Tracey
Alex Treacher
Rob Thomasson
Andrew Ward
Helen Ward
Anja Wickes
Phil Wickes
Nicola Zealey
Steven Zealey
If you are unable to attend, please let me know as soon as possible
We often have waiting lists, so your place may be in demand!

There are various ways to pay. You can send me a cheque made out to Keith Thomasson, you can pay via PayPal if you specify the payment as a gift to avoid losing money, or you can pay on the day, which is what most people do. To be honest, cash on the day is the easiest way to handle it, and nothing is lost in processing fees. Your booking options are:

By post 14 Stepnells, Marsworth, Near Tring, Herts, HP23 4NQ
Booking info
special needs,
and so on)
Events September 30th 2017
Uncheck a box if you can't make a date or are already booked for it
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