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TringCon is a one-day meeting of board gamers that takes place in Tring, which is about 30 miles north west of London in the UK. The event was run from 1993 to 2006 by Alan Parr with assistance from his wife Jill - and very well run, too. 2006 was going to be the last event as Alan had hung up his Hopscotch pen and ink, and thought that it was time TringCon retired as well. I spoke to Alan and offered to keep the event alive, and he was happy to let me take over. My wife Valerie took Jill's place as caterer.

Although we will no longer be running TringCon, it lives on. It will be run in the future by Tethys and Ferret. You can book for future events at

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TringCon came in two bites each year. However, the September 2017 event - the 35th event, and the 21st from me, was my last. Time to hang up whatever it is you hang up when you stop running an event like this.

The Food

Your entry fee included a buffet-style tea. The picture on the right shows you what you were likely to get - but it isn't the whole spread, as the tables continue round to the left at the top of the pictures.

Tea and coffee were freely on tap, with some soft drinks also available, as well as the infamous supply of biscuits.

Games Played

There was no specific format to the day about what was played when and what, indeed, was played. That was entirely up to the players.



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