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1853 Stock Market

This is a linear stock market. Spaces 115 and 122 are adjacent. It is shown in two rows for convenience.

The original stock market is actually a square grid. Each row is reserved for a single company and is otherwise identical. Tokens never move between one row and another.

The true colours of the original stock market are light blue where this is yellow, and a medium blue where this is white or pink.

Colour Key: White - value 100 Normal stock market space
Yellow - value 40 Ignore for certificate limit
Pink - value 400 Game ends if a public company reaches this value
Company Key: White - value 100 Starting space for the EIR
White - value 96 Starting space for the GIP
White - value 92 Starting space for the NWR
White - value 88 Starting space for the BNR
White - value 84 Starting space for the BBCI
White - value 80 Starting space for the MSM
White - value 75 Starting space for the SIR
White - value 70 Starting space for the BAR

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