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1825 is a game in which the players operate and run rival railway companies. It is set in Nineteenth Century Britain and the railway companies are real ones, most of which existed until 1922. The company bases are defined but players may build their own choice of railway lines.

1825 is produced in three units, which may be used on their own or linked together. Each unit covers a different part of the country but they all use the same basic rules.

The game takes its name from the year in which the Stockton and Darlington Railway opened. This was the first railway in the world to make routine use of steam locomotives. The age of mechanical transport had begun,

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1825 was designed by Francis Tresham. Unit 1 was published in 1995 by Hartland Trefoil. Units 2 and 3 were published by Tresham Games, in 2000 and 2004.
1825 is © 1995 Hartland Trefoil, 2000 and 2004 Tresham Games.

The game is set in Britain, with four private companies and six public companies (corporations) for Units 1 and 2, and with three private companies, three public companies and three minor companies (Unit 3).

The game starts with a stock round, during which the private companies are dealt to the players. Once the private companies are all owned, shares in the public companies are sold.

The stock round is followed by an operating round, where the private companies pay dividends to their owners and the public companies that have sold enough shares to operate start building their railroads.

The game continues in this way, alternating between stock rounds and operating rounds. In later stages of the game, two or more operating rounds take place before the next stock round.

The game ends when either the bank runs out of cash or the value of a coporation reaches the top of the stock market.

If the bank runs out of cash at any time, the game continues until the current operating round is completed. If the bank runs out during a stock round, the next full set of operating rounds are completed. If the bank subsequently becomes solvent before the game ends, this does not have any effect - the game still ends.

If the value of a corporation reaches the top value on the stock market, the game ends immediately.

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