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1830 - Private Companies

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Schuylkill Valley Railroad & Navigation Company - SVR Cost $20 Revenue $5 Base G15
The SVR has no special features.
Champlain & St.Lawrence Railway - C&StL Cost $40 Revenue $10 Base B20
A corporation owning the C&StL may lay a tile on the C&StL's hex even if this hex is not connected to the corporations's railhead. This free tile placement is in addition to the corporation's normal tile placement - for this turn only the corporation may play two tiles. The tile played on the C&StL hex does not have to connect to any existing adjacent track.
Delaware & Hudson Railroad - D&H Cost $70 Revenue $15 Base F16
A corporation owning the Delaware & Hudson may establish a railhead on the D&H hex by laying a station tile and a token. The station does not have to be connected to the remainder of the corporation's route. The tile laid is the owning corporation's one tile placement for the turn. Removal of the mountain costs $120 as usual but there is no charge for laying the token. Placing the token is not required, but if placed in a future turn, it must be paid for. Other corporations may place a tile here subject to the ordinary rules.
Mohawk & Hudson Railroad - M&H Cost $110 Revenue $20 Base D18
A player owning the M&H may exhange it for a 10% share of the NYC provided he does not already hold 60% of the NYC stock and there is NYC stock available in the Bank or the Pool. The exchange may be made during the player's turn of a stock round or between the turns of other players or corporations in either stock or operating rounds. This action closes the M&H.
Camden & Amboy Railroad - C&A Cost $160 Revenue $25 Base H18
The initial purchaser of the C&A immediately receives a 10% share of PRR stock without further payment. This action does not close the C&A. The PRR corporation will not be running at this point, but the stock may be retained or sold subject to the ordinary rules of the game.
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad - B&O Cost $220 Revenue $30 Base I13/I15
The owner of the B&O private company immediately receives the President's certificate of the B&O corporation without further payment. The B&O private company may not be sold to any corporation, and does not exchange hands if the owning player loses the Presidency of the B&O corporation. When the B&O corporation purchases its first train the private company is closed down.

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