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After running 110 games for free, I decided that I needed to charge a small fee of one pound sterling to play games here. I spend one to two hours each day running the games, and it cost me money to provide the service. However, from the start of 2014 I have gone back to offering free games, but will be more than happy to receive voluntary donations to help towards the cost of running this service.

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Another reason for charging the fees was a spate of people signing up for games without having read the Rules of Engagement, or signing up and then not replying to any messages at all. I will aim to cope with this by asking new players to confirm their interest when they first sign up rather than diving right in.

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If you are in the UK, you can send a donation quite easily. Use PayPal to send the donation to donations at If you want to send a cheque, the address is 14, Stepnells, Marsworth, Nr Tring, Herts, HP23 4NQ. Please make cheques payable to Keith Thomasson.

Overseas players can also send a donation to me directly if they wish. The best option is to send money via PayPal. You need to have your own PayPal account, or know someone who has an account and is willing to send the donation on your behalf. If you use PayPal, please send the donation to donations at and specify the currency as GBP (Great British Pounds). This is an important point - if you send me Dollars or Euros, it can be quite some time before I can get it out of PayPal without incurring withdrawal fees, so it benefits them much more than it benefits us.

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