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18SJ Stock Market

The original stock market used grey, teal and maroon for spaces affecting the certificate limit,
possibly because these also affect share redemption options and costs.
I have used the more common and familiar colouring for this zone.

When the share price is 90 or more (i.e. to the right of the red line), 2x movement is allowed.

Colour Key: White - value110 Normal stock market space
May redeem one share
Red - value 100 Starting value space for public companies
May redeem one share
Yellow - value 60 Ignore for certificate limit
May redeem one share at half price
Orange - value 50 As for yellow, plus may hold more than 60% of a public company
May redeem all shares for half price
Brown - value 40 As for orange, plus may buy multiple shares from the bank pool/treasury/initial offering in one stock turn
May redeem all shares for no cost
Pink - value 400 Game ends if a public company reaches one of these values

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If you are playing remotely, you might find this version useful, as it uniquely identifies each space.

18SJ Stock Market for Remote Play

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