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1800 was designed by Antonio Leal and published in 2002 by Rail Gamer #17.
1800 is © 2002 Rail Gamer.

The game is a small 18xx variant for two players, with three private companies and two public companies (corporations). A later variant was designed to add a third player.

The game starts with a stock round, during which the private companies are sold by auction. Once the private companies are all sold, shares in the public companies are sold.

The stock round is followed by an operating round, where the private companies pay dividends to their owners and the public companies that have sold enough shares to operate start building their railroads.

The game continues in this way, alternating between stock rounds and operating rounds. In later stages of the game, two or more operating rounds take place before the next stock round.

The game ends when the bank runs out of cash. The game continues until the current operating round is completed. If the bank runs out during a stock round, the next operating round is completed. If the bank subsequently becomes solvent before the game ends, this does not have any effect - the game still ends.

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The following features are part of the 1800 game. These summaries are not intended to cover all the rules relating to these features, and are provided as an aide memoire.


There is one bond for each public company. Only the director may buy the company's bond. Bonds cost $300 and pay $50 each operating round. The money can be split between the player and the company in any amounts. Bonds are exempt for the certificate limit. If a player loses control of a company they do not need to hand over the associated bond.

Bonds pay at the same time as the private companies (i.e. before public companies operate), and are paid in the order that the public companies operate.

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