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Players Starting Capital Certificate Limit
2 $520 7
3 $520 7
Public Companies
Share distribution 40% President's certificate, six 10% ordinary certificates
Sales needed to float 50%.
Limit per player 70%, can be exceeded while the company is in the orange stock market zone.
Funding Funded directly from sales.
Share trading A company may buy or sell its own stock from the bank pool at any time during its operating turn. It may do one or the other, but may not buy and sell stock in the same turn.
Corporate Bonds There is one Corporate Bond for each company. Only the Director may buy the company's Bond. Each Bond costs $300 and pays $50 each operating round, after the privates but in operating order. The money can be split between the player and the company in any amounts. Bonds are exempt from the certificate limit.
Share Price Movement
Down one row for each block of shares sold into the pool. Applies whether shares are sold by a player or by a company.
Up one row if all shares are owned by players at the end of a stock round.
Right one column when a company pays a dividend, as long as the paid dividend is equal to or greater than the current stock price.
Left one column when a company does not pay a dividend.
Note that there are no 'par' values - the price on the stock market is always used.

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