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Certificate Limits
Players Starting Capital 9 Companies <= 8 Companies
2 $1,050 24 21
3 $700 17 15
4 $525 14 12
5 $420 11 9
6 $350 9 8
Public Companies
Share distribution 20% President's certificate, eight 10% ordinary certificates
Sales needed to float 60%
Limit per player 60%, can be exceeded while the company is in the orange or brown stock market zones, or by price protection
Funding Fully funded when floated.
Share Price Movement
Down one row for each share sold into the pool, unless price protected by the company president. If the token is on the ledge it does not move down unless two shares are sold. If the token is further above the ledge, enough shares must be sold to push it two spaces below the ledge or it stops on the ledge.
Up one row if all shares are owned by players at the end of a stock round. Move through the ledge if required.
Right one column when a company pays a full dividend. If moving right would move through the ledge, or at the right-hand end of a row, move up instead.
Left one column when a company pays a half dividend or does not pay a dividend. Move through the ledge if required. Move down if at the left-hand end of a row.
Edge Tokens Starting City Edge Token
CBQ Chicago (I18) Not applicable
CMSP Milwaukee (G18) North West (A2/B1)
CRIP Cedar Rapids (H11) Not applicable
GN Minneapolis (D9) North West (A2/B1)
MKT Kansas City (K6) South West (M2)
MP St.Louis (L13) Not applicable
NP Duluth (B11) North West (A2/B1)
SOO La Crosse (F13) Sault Ste.Marie (C20)
UP Omaha (I4) West (F1)

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