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This page summarises the default actions in web games for certain roles and buildings. Items not listed either occur automatically or need to be ordered.


If no ship is specified, the smallest that will hold the shipped goods will be used.
If no goods are specified, the greatest quantity will be shipped first, resolving ties in favour of the lowest trading value.
If nothing is specified for discarding excess goods, the highest value goods will be retained.

If no extra goods are specified, the highest trading value will be provided.

The extra colonist will be taken from the supply unless the player specifies otherwise.
When the Mayor is chosen, all colonists will be moved from the ship to the players' San Juan areas. The Mayor is then dealt with as once-round-the-table rather than one colonist at a time.

The Prospector bearing the most Doubloons will be used.


Construction Hut
Will only be used if ordered.

Will give you an extra plantation by default.

Will man new plantations by default.

Does not need to be ordered, but will be used if necessary.

Will man new buildings by default.

Will only be used if ordered.

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