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1870 - Private Companies

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Great River Shipping Company - GRSC Cost $20 Revenue $5
The GRSC has no special features.
Mississippi River Bridge Company - MRBC Cost $40 Revenue $10
Until this company is closed or sold to a public company, no company may bridge the Mississippi River. A company may lay track along the river, but may not lay track to cross the river, or do an upgrade that would cause track to cross the river. A company can lay any of the three $20 yellow city tiles (#5, #6 or #57) and the green 'K' city tile (#15) in Memphis (H17) as long as the track sections point northeast, east, southeast or southwest. A company can only lay the #5 $20 yellow city tile in St.Louis (C18) and it must face west and southwest; and other placement would cross the Mississippi River and be, therefore, illegal.

Companies laying the first tile in a hex along the Mississippi River must pay $40 to $100 (as specified on the hex) to build along or across the river. The public company that purchases the Mississippi River Bridge Company may build in one of the hexes along the Mississippi River for a $40 discount.

This company may be purchased by one of the two companies on the Mississippi River (Missouri Pacific or St.Louis Southwestern) in phase one for $20 to $40. If one of these two public companies purchases this private company during their first operating round, that company can lay a tile at its starting city for no cost and in addition to its normal tile lay(s). The company cannot lay a tile in their starting city and upgrade it during the same operating round.

The Southern Cattle Company - SCC Cost $50 Revenue $10
This company has a token that may be placed on any city west of the Mississippi River. Cities located in the same hex as any portion of the Mississippi are not eligible for this placement. This increases the value of that city by $10 for that company only. Placing the token does not close the company.
The Gulf Shipping Company - GSC Cost $80 Revenue $15
This company has two tokens. One represents an open port and the other is a closed port. One (but not both) of these tokens may be placed on any city on the Gulf Coast, or any city on the Mississippi River south of and including Memphis (H17). For a city to be considered on the Gulf or on the River, it must be in a hex that contains a portion of either. The eligible towns are Memphis (H17), Baton Rouge (M14), Mobile (M20), Galveston (N7) and New Orleans (N17). Note that the southeast red off-board location is not eligible.

Either token increases the value of the city for the owning company by $20. The open port token also increases the value of the city for all other companies by $10.

If the president of the owning company places the closed port token, the private company is closed. If the open port token is placed, it may be replaced in a later operating round by the closed port token, closing the company. Once placed, however, neither token can be moved to a different city.

When the company closes at the beginning of phase four, the status of the port is fixed; that is, if it is open, it may not then be closed.

St.Louis-San Francisco Railway - SLSF Cost $140
This is the President's certificate of the St.Louis-San Francisco Railway. The purchaser sets the par value of the railway. Unlike other companies, this company may operate with just 20% sold. It may not be purchased by another public company.
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad - MKT Cost $160 Revenue $20
Comes with a 10% share of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad.

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