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1870 - Stock Market

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64A 68A 72A 76A 82A 90A 100A 110A 120A 140A 160A 180A 200A 225A 250A 275A 300A 325A 350A 375A 400A
60B 64B 68B 72B 76B 82B 90B 100B 110B 120B 140B 160B 180B 200B 225B 250B 275B 300B 325B 350B 375B
55C 60C 64C 68C 72C 76C 82C 90C 100C 110C 120C 140C 160C 180C 200C 225C 250C 275C 300C 325C 350C
50D 55D 60D 64D 68D 72D 76D 82D 90D 100D 110D 120D 140D 160D 180D 200D 225D 250D 275D 300D 325D
40E 50E 55E 60E 64E 68E 72E 76E 82E 90E 100E 110E 120E 140E 160E 180E
30F 40F 50F 55F 60F 64F 68F 72F 76F 82F 90F 100F 110F
20G 30G 40G 50G 55G 60G 64G 68G 72G 76G 82G
10H 20H 30H 40H 50H 55H 60H 64H 68H 72H
  10I 20I 30I 40I 50I 55I 60I 64I
    10J 20J 30J 40J 50J
      10K 20K 30K 40K
100A New companies start at one of the prices in this area
90A This is an ordinary point on the stock market
60H Certificates in the yellow zone do not count towards the player's certificate limit
40H Certificates in the orange zone do not count towards the player's certificate limit. Players may also hold more than 60% of any corporation in this area.
30H The brown zone has all the features of the yellow and orange zones. In addition, players may buy any number of shares from the open market (or one from the initial offering) in a single stock round turn.
  Companies close if they move into this area.
110E The ledge divides the stock market into two parts. When shares are sold, the ledge can affect the normal movement of a company token.

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